Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Defence and Junta in argument over road, Guadalmesí residents' access getting worse

TARIFA (Agencies/Photo: EuropaSur) Almost one third of permanent residents of the Guadalmesí area, on the Western coastal section of the municipality of Tarifa, are the innocent victims of a dispute over land. The Ministry of Defence and the Junta´s Environment Council are arguing aboyut who owns what. In the meantime, the access road gets worse by the day (and is expected to be unpassable after this winter, if it is a wet one). The ministry has not used the numerous coastal battery installations for many years yet continues to claim the roads that allow access to them. The matter has been denounced for a number of years, meetings between the parties have been held. The Junta began to repair the road (Pista 6 in its official military denomination, which runs from El Bujeo down to the beach) but the work was stopped by order of the ministry, which has set up several signs forbidding access though the Junta defends 'free transit'. The president of the residents association, Antonio Parada Rodríguez, says that an accident has to happen before anything is done.

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