Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Stephanie's Once Only Recipe: Peach crumble dessert (a variation or two...)

A simple thing
This is just right for the end of summer (it IS coming to an end, I keep getting told), when peaches are a-plenty and a change from apple crumble might be welcome (yes, you can add apple to this, too!). Seems about right for a dessert after a late summer barbecue... These amounts are enough for 10 or 12, so you may want to cut down a bit. Also, there is another kind of peach you can use that is much available locally (see below). (Prep time: 15 mins, Baking: 25 mins.)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Using the crystal ball ...

CampoPulse will be updated less frequently than usual this month - Prospero is having to re-do all his paperwork (see, I told you: never get ill in August in Spain) but this time with and by the people who know what to do, instead of their substitutes, who don't. Which is why Prosp decided to let things ride until this new month. The details are boring, but we might be able to come up with some sage advice about health cards, and who to see and what to do. In the meantime, we beg your patience... You will see as much advertising as usual because there is a financial commitment in many cases, and believe us, the finances need our full-time support (a donation via PayPal on the sidebar would be very handy... or in the middle of the street, for that matter!)

This week's Once Only Recipe: Pear Panini and Confetti Salad

This week I thought a refreshing salad and Panini-styled sandwich to compliment the wonderful, cooler late evening weather for supper would be perfect. So, to use the fresh cucumbers, mint and tomatoes that are still coming in, I made this great treat from the Colorado Classique cookbook (available from Amazon). The confetti salad is so easy and yes, you can use canned or frozen (thawed) corn if you can't get it fresh.>>>

Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Las Garzas


New PayPal account for J.A.W.S.

JIMENA J.A.W.S., the animal charity, now has a PayPal Account where you can make donations. Using the email address available on the J.A.W.S. Facebook page, follow the steps and make your donation. However small your donation, it is always appreciated. The final step will tell you that you have donated your payment to Jimena Animal Welfare Society. We can then use this money to pay vet bills - of which there are many!! "Thank you in anticipation of your continued support and, if they could speak, the animals we help would say thank you, too!" says Val Jubb, President of J.A.W.S.

Michael W. H. Arnold (1929 - 2013)

SAN PABLO de Buceite Michael Arnold, a long time resident of San Pablo, passed away on Tuesday at the hospital in Algeciras, aged 84. Our deepest sympathies to his wife Araceli, and family. A Mass was said yesterday in San Pablo. 

La Tasca

Novena 2013 - the full programme

JIMENA Estación Starting today and until Sunday, August 1, are the celebrations for the 2013 Novena, in honour of Jimena's patron saint, Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles (Our Lady Queen of the Angels), the last of the local ferias this year. The programme below (no time to translate, sorry) will tell you that the whole thing kicks off at 7pm this evening with a parade through the streets of Estación, headed towards the coronation of this year's Queen of the Fair. Among other activities featured are the 33rd edition of the Flamenco Festival, the 26th of the 'Michigan' Urban Mile, the popular Mojá (officilly Mojada Popular, where everyone gets very wet), the 36th edition of the cooking competition (Concurso Platos Típicos), plus several equestrian events (separate programme below, too), chess competitions, and a little train to ferry the kids (okay, you can ride it, too), and more - and then, the beautiful Procession of Our Lady that brings it all to an end on Sunday evening. Complete Main Events Programme, plus equestrian events, below>>>


making gifs

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

David the Taxi Man


Province under yellow storm warning for heavy rain

Forecast for Algeciras
from our Weather Widget
(on the sidebar)
CÁDIZ The province is one of 17 in the whole country under a yellow storm alert because of the probability of heavy rain and thunderstorms, according to AEMET (State Weather Agency). The other provinces are: Almería, Córdoba, Granada, Jaén, Málaga, Sevilla, Teruel, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Ibiza and Formentera. Our own AccuWeather link for Algeciras is quite clear about it. It turns out that temperatures are not expected to drop much as a result of any storms. For those who are visiting the area: you should know that our summer storms can reach tropical dimensions, with heavy, unexpected downpours. Golfers should NOT stay on the course, either. Storm alerts are graded yellow (low), orange (medium) and red (high).

Jimena Mayor gets engaged

Guillermo, family members and friends
(Photo: TioJimeno)
JIMENA Mayor Guillermo Ruiz Ruiz is to marry his long-time girlfriend, veterinary surgeon Mariam Fernández Godino, on September 21 at the Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Angeles sanctuary in Estación. The groom's bachelor party was held last Friday (See TioJimeno for a full report, including Guillermo's flamenco singing). Having known the Ruiz family for many years, we are delighted with the news and offer Guillermo and Mariam our very best wishes.

Fossils and amphorae confiscated at castle shop

(Photo: Guardia Civil)
CASTELLAR Members of the Seprona nature conservation unit of the Guardia Civil recently confiscated ten amphorae and the same number of ammonite fossils, some of which are quite large, at a souvenir shop in the castle, where they on display for sale. Seprona carries out routine inspections of such shops as part of its function as a protector of items of historical interest. The fossils come under the protection of laws related to wild native species - these, fossilised sea life, are presently considered extinct although there are plenty to be found embedded in rock in various places throughout Los Alcornocales Nature Park. The amphorae, usually of Roman origin and used for transporting wine and other liquids, are under the aegis of Historical and Patrimonial laws. The items are now being inspected by experts from the Culture and Environment Council of Andalucía.

Blue shark closes Torreguadiaro beach for five hours

(Photo: europasur.es)
SAN ROQUE / Torreguadiaro An unexpected visitor to the beach at Torreguadiaro forced the red danger flag on the beach at Torreguadiaro yesterday, and to warn of the possibility of danger from Sotogrande to Cala Sardina. The blue shark (Prionace glauca) appeared very close to shore at about 9.30, near the Sotogrande breakwater; it was a worker at one of the beach bars who later gave the alarm. While this small, 2m shark is not considered dangerous to humans, the red flag went up at about 10, and was kept there until 3 in the afternoon with no further sightings. The Seprona unit reported seeing that the shark presented an injury close to the head, possibly caused by a fishing net, and thus causing the erratic behaviour observed at the time.