Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fossils and amphorae confiscated at castle shop

(Photo: Guardia Civil)
CASTELLAR Members of the Seprona nature conservation unit of the Guardia Civil recently confiscated ten amphorae and the same number of ammonite fossils, some of which are quite large, at a souvenir shop in the castle, where they on display for sale. Seprona carries out routine inspections of such shops as part of its function as a protector of items of historical interest. The fossils come under the protection of laws related to wild native species - these, fossilised sea life, are presently considered extinct although there are plenty to be found embedded in rock in various places throughout Los Alcornocales Nature Park. The amphorae, usually of Roman origin and used for transporting wine and other liquids, are under the aegis of Historical and Patrimonial laws. The items are now being inspected by experts from the Culture and Environment Council of Andalucía.

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