Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Two minors beat up disabled boy and abuse him

Where the attack took place
LA LINEA (Agencies) Last Thursday two 13 year old boys beat up a schoolmate, hitting and kicking him repeatedly, then burning him on the face and arm with a lighter, and making a hole in his ear with scissors. They then urinated on his face and sprayed him with solvent. The victim is also 13 and although he was not seriously injured, he was taken to the health centre, and his parents believe the psychological damage could last a long time. The victim has a 35% disability. The incident took place near the Instituto Antonio Machado, in an alleyway (photo) and the only explanation given by the alleged perpetrators is that they he had stolen a mobile phone from one of them. The aggressors were suspended from school and will be seen in Youth Court next week.

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