Monday, 7 March 2011

Mark Lowsley-Williams was buried this morning

LOS BARRIOS Mark Lowsley-Williams died suddenly on Friday, aged 50, and was buried in a private ceremony this morning. He was a well-known businessman in the area and was about to take over the presidency of Guadacorte S.A. The son of Michael Lowsley-Williams and Lady Fiona Crichton-Stuart, Mark leaves a wife and children, Michael and Robert, to whom we offer our condolences. Guadacorte S.A. owns large tracts of land in that area and is a well-known developer of housing and commercial property.


Randy said...

Mark Lowsley-Williams was my roommmate in college at the University of Miami. His nickname was "Lorenzo". Though I have not heard from him in 25 years I consider him a dear friend and am saddened to hear this. My condolonsces to his family.

Joseph said...

I worked with Mark in Luxembourg.
I remember one colleague with his funny English accent mixed with Spanish. And with whom communications was rich even though at first leraning of french was not always easy.
His departure has touched me, i knew he had changed his professional life, just to enjoy life. How ironic.

Condolences to his family.

Anonymous said...

Loved by all, gone too soon..

Ifi Lowsley-Williams said...

Thank you for your condolences. Mark did enjoy every moment that life offered him. We finally settled in the south of Spain to be near his family. He was loved by EVERYONE thanks to his good nature and fantastic sense of humor. He never changed in all the years since we met in Miami. We all miss him terribly. Our boys are now 11 and 13.