Monday, 7 March 2011

Electromagnetic waves are 823 times above limit

TARIFA (Agencies) Electromagnetic emissions from the military radar in Tarifa (photo) are 823 times above permitted levels, according to a recent study by Geosanix, a specialized independent study. The Tarifa Contra el Radar pressure group has been battling for years but the military authorities in charge of the radar station have ignored all their complaints. Measurements indicate that emissions close to the installation are over the 800 microwatts per m2 mark, but even a kilometer away, the mark is over 140 times the permitted levels. There are considerable variations nevertheless, principally thanks to a so-called 'umbrella effect'. Still, the group insists, and has done so for a long time, that anything above 0.17 mW/m2 can be harmful to health, which means that the centre of Tarifa could be so. As a result, Tarifa Contra el Radar demands that the radar be removed to a place much further away from the town.

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