Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Exploding Food Myth 6. 'Light' foods will help keep off the weight

A 'light' product should contain a minimum of 30% of the energetic values than the product of reference (i.e. 'light' ham vs. ham). The lower caloric indicator is obtained by reducing or substituting one or more of the components of the product of reference. It is a mistake to believe that all products marked 'light' are low in calories as they will be only up to 30% less so. It's a tiresome mathematical game that we don't have time for in the supermarket - which the producers count on and therefore use clever advertising.  And 'creative' advertising is  much more creative than we think - so don't believe all the "white background, blue-lettering, airy-fairy flowing gowns in a commercial for 'light' food," says a recently retired ad man. Incidentally, 'light' refreshments have very few calories - especially those that do not supposedly contain sugar - but all our, and everyone's, research says that water is always the best and healthiest refreshment. (See Exploding Food Myth 5)

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