Thursday, 23 June 2011

A break-up every four minutes

SPAIN There is a divorce every four minutes in this country, according to a recent study by the Family Policy Institute using data from the Judiciary. The information reveals that there were 127,633 divorces in 2010, 3,050 more than in the previous year. The total implies that 350 marrieges broke per day, that is, one every 4.1 minutes. In fact, the name used is 'ruptures', or break-ups, the vast majority (93.64%) of which were divorces, plus 6.24% separations (7,960) and o.13% annullments (160).  Four of every ten break-ups (40.23%) were contentious, or 'conflictive'.  These figures do not include what used to be known in the UK as common-law marriages.

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