Monday, 27 June 2011

Clean-up with bacteria hasn't worked

ALGECIRAS (Agencies) Applying bacteria as a way to clean up the mess left from Gibraltar's sullage tanks fire has not worked. A group of experts in the treatment of fuel residue has advised the Junta to stop experimenting and, in a first phase, allow the tides and water to take care of the matter, as is set out in the Autoprotection Plan. A second phase would involve turning over the rocks that are still stained, by hand or machine, so that the tide can continue its work. It is a long, slow process, they say.  Environmentalists, meanwhile, are indignant. "We see the political tactic is to look the other way," said the Agaden spokesman, Javier Gil, who said there are plenty of places that can still be cleaned by hand or by pressure wash, if only the politicians would show willingness. "It is not too late yet," he concluded. "This Biosphere Reserve deserves much better attention."

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