Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Queues up to three hours at frontier

(Photo: europasur.es)
GIBRALTAR/SPAIN This may not come as news to many of our readers, but queues of up to three hours to come off the Rock were reported on Sunday, due principally to the Guardia Civil at the frontier applying strict controls on every vehicle coming into Spain. Things were at their worst at about 6.30, with vehicles backed up throughout Gibraltar, all the way to Devil's Tower Road. It dfidn't help either, according to local press reports, that the airport barriers went down at about 5.30. Speculation among drivers, tourists and workers alike, was that the situation was as retaliation for the problems arising from the fishing rights dispute presently taking place (See next item).

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Anonymous said...

Today the traffic into Gib was quite a lot but going early we avoided too much queue. Coming out at 11ish was good. Motor bike day for checking today. Queue into Gib was nealy back to 2nd roundabout. Very busy.