Thursday, 21 June 2012

Programmed power outage without warning

JIMENA This man up a pole works for a subcontractor of Endesa, one of the world's major power companies that is in turn owned by the Italian public company Enel and the Spanish construction company Acciona. Yesterday morning, Tuesday, Dielectric (the subcontractor) personnel were working on a 'distribution centre' (whatever that might be) in Estación de Jimena. They started work at about 8.30, when the man up the pole cut off supply to a large portion of the village. Without warning. Oh yes, bits of printouts were put about, under doors, and a local bar knew about the imminent outage the day before. Among other places impacted and never advised were the local chemist (where plenty of medications must be kept under strict refrigeration temperatures) and at least two local bars, who not only couldn't serve up coffee at their busiest time of day (breakfast), but their ice creams threatened to melt in the heat (Prospero got one for free, only a little bent, in the evening, for which thank you, Morales). Power was restored at about 2.30. We did not register a particularly bad surge when the light came back on, which is the most dangerous part of the way this company carries out its maintenance work - at least for our white goods and computers, etc.

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