Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Exploding food myths Number 1: Bread is fattening

(We warned you about our Exploding Food Myths here) Bread is rich in carbohydrates of the type known as of slow-absorption, which means the body releases energy little by little and thus maintains the sense of fulfillment longer. About 50-55% of the energy we need comes from carbohydrates, the nutrient we need in largest proportion, and the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. Another common myth in the bread department is that the crust is less fattening than the inner part. In fact, they are both the same, though the innards contain more water and air and have cooked less. However, pound for pound -make that gramme for gramme- the crust is more fattening because it is more concentrated. Alternatives such as toast and picos (those little breadsticks you get with a tapa) have as many calories as the inner part of a loaf. But, let's face it, what really adds the calories to a piece of bread is what goes with it: butter, sauces, all kinds of pepperoni, bologna, hams, etc., etc. (Incidentally, have you tried the spare ribs at the restaurant at the campsite in Jimena yet? They come with a definitely caloric burst of sauce that just has to be wiped up with a nice piece of fresh bread.) (No, Jorge and Ketina do not sponsor this item.)

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