Thursday, 13 September 2012

No police control on border queue jumping

Second line gets 'plugged' · Ascteg gets daily complaints
LA LÍNEA Local media are getting an increasing number of complaints about queue jumping on the Spanish side of the frontier, a fact confirmed by Ascteg the Spanish workers organization in Gibraltar, which gets complaints every day. An article in Europa Sur this morning has several drivers complaining that cars keep trying to jump the queue headed for Gibraltar. To do so, they have to be allowed in on the lane to the right, which is rarely immediate and therefore 'plugs' the lane that is not headed for the Rock. Yesterday, the queue was all the way up Avenida Príncipe de Asturias, and there were several incidents between drivers of one or other lane, none of which, fortunately, went beyond a lot of swearing. According to the Ascteg spokesperson, Juan José Uceda, "there are measures that could be taken to make it easier, but there appears to be no interest at the Town Hall." One of these, he says, would be police presence at peak times.

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