Friday, 26 October 2012

Facebook problems force change of address

We have been having enormous problems with Facebook (which we have always HATED but gave in to the 21st century). For some unknown (by us) reason, we can no longer update or even access properly Alberto's timeline, or even his second page called CampoPulse. So we are now posting on Prospero Campo, to which we urge you to switch. We would love to be able to transport all our friends there, but can't, so we would also be very grateful if you would 'friend' and 'like' us on there as well. Just a couple of clicks and we'll be friends forever - or so Facebook would like us to believe. (Thought: is Facebook's dismal stock market behaviour forcing people to leap from their desks, leaving a load of strings unattended? Just wondering.) ('Nother thought: we ain't goin' nowhere near Twitter!) (Yet.)

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