Friday, 7 June 2013

Today is the first day of a new 'route' in Tarifa: La Ruta del Atún

TARIFA At 7pm tonight the first edition of a 'Tuna Route' will be opened officially by local authorities - the 'route' (similar to tapa routes with visits to several establishments) last until Sunday. The idea is to promote the gastronomic use of the Red Tuna of the Straits. Tarifa, where 29 restaurants and bars are taking part, joins the project that has been used in several other locations along the coast of Cádiz. Find out more on the official page on the subject: Tuna Route of Tarifa (in English). (The subject of fishing the tuna, called almadraba, deserves a much fuller article here, and we have been planning for one for some time - maybe we'll get it together soon.

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