Friday, 4 February 2011

17 arrests in voodoo prostitution ring

ALGECIRAS (Agencies/Photo: illustration only) Two people were arrested in Algeciras in an operation involving the National Police in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Tarragona and Las Palmas as well., in a total of 17 arrests. The gang forced women to prostitute themselves using threats of voodoo practices, according to a press release from the Jefatura Superior de Policía in Madrid. The operation came about after a woman was offered witness protection; she reported that a gang had obliged her to prostitute herself in the street when she was tricked into coming to Spain under offers of employment. The police say that the gang was perfectly structured and made up of men from Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Algeria and Morocco, through which the victims were transported into this country. Constant beatings and voodoo threats were the norm. Aside from charges related to kidnapping, pimping and people traficking, the gang is also accused of using false documents and credit card fraud. They are all 'at the disposal of the courts'.

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