Monday, 14 February 2011

Tunnel work to be restarted in March

GIBRALTAR (GBC) Work on the airport tunnel will be restarted in March after engineering issues forced  the initial plans to be reviewed. The work, which was tendered to a Spanish company in 2008, is aimed at stopping vehicles from crossing the runway. The main access road will thus be diverted along Devil's Tower Road to the junction with Eastern Beach Road, where a roundabout will then direct traffic North through Aerial Farm, then through another tunnel, to emerge parallel to the Frontier via a tunnel beneath the new airport teminal, although work on the Spanish side is nowhere near started. From here drivers can choose to cross the Frontier or head for the new terminal, North Front or Winston Churchill Avenue. The new road, including the tunnel will contain four lanes, two each way, and the runway crossing will be used only in emergencies.

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