Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gibraltar fuel tank explosions: two seriously injured, 12 tourists, less so

(Photo: Europa Sur/Paco Guerrero)
GIBRALTAR (Agencies) As we write flames are devouring a second fuel tank right next to the first one that went up in flames at about 3pm today, Tuesday. The cruise ship port area was evacuated after the first explosion to prevent further injuries. Two Spanish workers were airlifted to Sevilla ospital burn units, and 12 tourists were injured less seriously. According to an RGP report, attempts at cooling down the first conflagration failed, leading to the second tank catching fire. Both tanks are totally destroyed. A Government report says that the tanks contained a mixture of water and used fuel. One of the two injured men is in serious danger of losing his life, the other is sertiously injured but out of danger, and 12 cruise ship tourists were less seriously injured. Landside fire brigades have left the area and the fight to control the fires is being carried from the sea.

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