Thursday, 19 May 2011

No repercussion except by 'mutual agreement'

SPAIN (Agencies) This photo was taken just prior to the national elections in 2009. It shows the leader of the opposition, i.e. Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy, aboard a tuna fishing boat Moropa belonging to Daniel Baúlo Carballo, who at the time was serving 17 years in prison for drug trafficking and had been called 'the most important traficker in the country' by the police, as head of the Galician cartel called Os Caneos. The photo was taken by a photographer from the Xornal de Galicia newspaper, whose Editor, José Luis Gómez, lost his job last month as a result. It turns out that, after the article appeared, and was followed up by Público and Galicia Confidencial, both of whom delved deeper into the subject, an irate Rajoy called Jacinto Rey, who owns one of that region's largest construction/development empires as well as the Xornal de Galicia. The leader of the PP is reported to have suggested that he was about to become the new President of the Government, which would give him the power to approve public construction tenders, or not. As a result of that call -or a mere coincidence of dates- the Editor left his position 'by mutual agreement'. Coincidentally, the photo journalist who took the photo was relieved of his job very soon after the exclusive by a similar 'mutual agreement'. As one (socialist) wag put it: the country did not vote for Rajoy or the PP in sufficient numbers by 'mutual agreement'.

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