Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS 15-M Movement gathers strength towards end of campaign - CEOE asks for harder reform measures of agreements - Obama offers 'Marshall Plan' to Arab countries / LA RAZON 22-M: Vote - Zapatero appeals to 'critics' not to 'give victory to PP' - Bin L:aden's successor is hiding in Afghanistan area watched by Spanish troops / EL MUNDO Government allows forbidden demo and PSOE embraces the protest - Merkel says she will only help Spain if workers work more -  Strauss Khan victim says she did not have consensual sex with him / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) Philip Morris unleashes new tobacco price war - Telefonica 'regionalizes' to get closer to clients - Banks package properties to sell to funds / EUROPA SUR Jimenez says London and Madrid will avoid further incidents - Prosecutor withdraws homicide charge on Guardia Civil - (National Police stations) Collapse sends people to Esatepona and Marbella to get DNI (national ID card)

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