Monday, 23 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS PP sweeps PSOE away - Bildu becomes second political force in Euskadi (Basque Country) - Rajoy's party razes Seville and PSC loses its Catalonia bastion / ABC Spain votes for change - Historic debacle for PSOE, which loses in all autonomous regions / EL MUNDO Spain demands change - Bildu's explosion / PUBLICO PSOE sinks due to turn to the right / EXPANSION (Business/Finance) PP sweeps in as punishment to Zapatero / Gallardo family buys Adeslas hospitals division / Galan says that if ACS wants Iberdrola, "let them launch a takeover bid" / EUROPA SUR PP gets absolute majority in Algeciras - PP loses absolute majority in La Linea - PSOE wins by two votes in San Roque ELECTION RESULTS IN CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY

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