Friday, 27 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Chacon throws in the towel to avoid revolt against Zapatero - Last of the Balkan war criminals caught - Three dead in Germany by a bacteria in Spanish cucumbers / EL MUNDO Chacon gives up to avoid Rubalcaba's elimination of Zapatero - Generalitat (Catalonian Government) to break two Supreme Court sentences on use of Spanish - Pajin asks TVs not to put 'macho' assassinations in headlines / ABC Zapatero sacrifices Chacon - Bosnia's genocidal general arrested - Food alert in Europe on Spanish cucumbers / PUBLICO "I wanted to..." Chacon renounces primaries - Butcher of Srebrenica caught, to face trial for genocide - Police arrest five business people for Iran arms sale / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) Banks and cajas with capital deficits accelerate redundancies - G-8 conditions help to 'Arab Spring' to reforms - Alonso may have to pay over €14million in taxes / SUR (Malaga) Cucumbers that caused three dead in Germany cwere sent from Malaga - Chacon gives in to save Zapatero - Costa del Sol launches Internet portal so tourists can design their own trip YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €3 €2

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