Monday, 30 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Rubalcaba launches appeals to PSOE grass roots - French minister resigns, accused of sexual agression - 15-M Movements resists (police attacks) and reaches Paris / ABC (Over photo of Alberto) Contador, the Giant - Mariano Rajoy: "My first measure will be to put a costs ceiling on all administrations" - The 'indignant' raise their challenge to (Ministry of the) Interior and stay (camped at Puerta del Sol, Madrid) / EL MUNDO Chacon associates Rubalcaba 'services' with the past - Germany finds E.coli-infected cucumbers grown in that country - CAM lent €4billion to developers for non-buildable land / PUBLICO Historians denounce pro-Franco propaganda in the Academia dictionary - Cucumber crisis expands through Europe and threatens Andalusian agriculture - 'Indignant' continue their protest / 20 MINUTOS (Sevilla) Contracts for over-45s almost treble - Spanish workers as productive as Germans or Japanese - Austria recalls cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergines from Spain YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY WEEKDAY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €3 €2

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