Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS E.coli fear sinks Spanish agriculture - Berlusconi battered in Milan and Naples elections - 'Biographic Dictionary' censured / ABC (Over photo of Rubalcaba) Now he says he has the solutions - "Not enough (air trafficx) controllers and we're going to get caught" - King to be operated on old knee injury / EL MUNDO Rubalcaba feels the support 'of thousands' - (Below photo of Agriculture authorities eating them) Boycott on Spanish vegetables spreads through Europe with no basis at all - Milanese humiliate Berlusconi in municipal (elections) / LA VANGUARDIA (Catalonia/National) Cucumber crisis worsens and opens trade war - Berlusconi loses Milan, financial capital of Italy - Rubalcaba promises to mend fences with Catalonia / PUBLICO Government demands Biographical Dictionary 'revision' - Demands of hard wing of CEOE causes breaks in collective negotiation - Inflation down for first time in 9 months / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Cucumber crisis causes big losses to agriculture - Algeciras Feria Real to cost 50% less than in 2004 - Junta opens proceedings against La Linea for fecal water discharges YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY WEEKDAY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €3 €2

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