Thursday, 23 June 2011

Peter Caruana denounced for oil spillage fire

(Photo: Europa Press)
ALGECIRAS (Agencies) The Partido Andalucista (PA) of Algeciras filed a denuncia against Gibraltar's Chief Minister Peter Caruana last week, regarding the spillage that impacted the beaches there after the explosion and fire at the sullage tanks on North Mole on the Rock. According to Isabel Martínez, the party's local committee spokesperson, the objective is to "obtain responsibilities" as in all of these cases "nothing ever happens. The beaches get cleaned up and that's that," she said. We want to know if a crime has been committed or not." Martínez also criticized Algeciras Council for not having a local action plan for such occasions, which the PA considers "incredible." There is apparently, too, some question about whether the Chief Minister would be arrested as he crossed the border into Spain, but the denuncia having been lodged at the Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente (Public Prosecutor for the Environment's office) this is unlikely. Nevertheless, our sources tell us that it is legally considered a criminal matter, not a civil one.

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