Friday, 3 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS PP barons warn Rajoy about drama of public accounts - Unions and CEOE close talks - Unknown E.coli variant blamed for outbreak / ABC Europe's worst food poisoning ever - Collective bargaining to be closed by decree / EL MUNDO Labour talks broken through Zapatero's wekness - Merkel tells Government Germany will back Brussles in compensation to agriculture - Europol: 'low' probability of ETA disarming / PUBLICO CEOE knocks collective barganing pact down - [History] Academy to revise some biographies -Unemploymenty down at start of summer season / EL ECONOMISTA (Business/Finance) Europe delays stress tests (on banks) due to doubts about cajas - Tourism 'boom' reduces unemployment by 79,109 in May - Why flats will never again be so expensive / EUROPA SUR Algeciras sues Shell over beach pollution - Area councils' active debt up by 3.5% YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS MONDAY TO FRIDAY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €3 €2

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