Friday, 10 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS (The new) Cortes in Valencia start off by charging against 15-M - Central Bank predicts interest rate increases in July - Ghadaffi, accused of ordering rapes / EL MUNDO Official data show new economy downturn - Politician's bad image reaches historical heights / PUBLICO Indignant against Imputed (in corruption scandals) - Fukushima causes 60% rejection of nuclear power from Spaniards - Academy of History accused of 'apology of genocide' / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) All-out price war (among mobile phone companies) - (Over photo of EU Central Bank's Trichet) Interest rates up in July - Banks look to redundancy to reduce staff / EUROPA SUR La Linea PA challenges national (party heads) and will support PSOE - Junta will sue Gibraltar if there are 'reclaimable damages' - Grinan opens door for Parliament to have more deputies YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY WEEKDAY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €2

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