Thursday, 16 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Radical groups block Catalonia Parliament with violence - EU doubts about Greece rescue impact markets - Bank of Spain proposes maximum spending for autonomies - Pakistan arrests five for helping CIA locate Bin Laden / ABC Attack on democracy - Gallardon blames Zapatero for his inhibition / EL MUNDO The 'indignant cross 'red line' and attack politicians - Goldman Sachs: 'The most popular at the Stock Exchange is to sell Spain' - Witness from Syrian martyr city: "The kill you if you return" / PUBLICO  15-M rejects violence - Crisis obliges half the people to buy cheaper food / EXPANSION (Business/Finance) Bank of Spain urges more cuts - Ferrovial and Albertis prepare offers for Barajas and El Prat [airports] - Inditex earns 10% more with new openings / SPONSORED BY:

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