Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS EU ultimatum to Greece if it does not approve new cutbacks - Tunisia condemns ex-dictatoir Ben Ali to 30 years in absentia - (IU boss Cayo) Lara will separate Extremadura leadership 'from IU policies' if there's no change / ABC (Castilla-La Mancha President) Cospedal cuts half the top jobs - 8-day ultimatum to Greece - Pope asks for end to abortion at Church hospitals in Catalonia / EL MUNDO PSOE flirtation with 15-M worries EU - Bank of Spain hid €1 billion hole in Cajasol to force merger / PUBLICO More pressure on Greece - EU answer to 'indignant': "There is no other way" - Metereologia warns of heat wave for this weekend / NEGOCIO (Business/Lifestyle) IMF shows European Union (dis)union - Ferrovial and FCC ahead on S8 Polish  road tender / EUROPA SUR Angel Gabino to be named Junta sub-delegate today - Two minors brutally beat up another and abuse a handicapped person - Health service owes €550 million to suppliers SPONSORED BY

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