Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Europe questions eficacy and cost of war in Lybia - IMF backs Spanish cutbacks but asks for more - Fewer careers for just-through passes / EL MUNDO Abertzales (quasi-ETA members) and 'indignant'prevent Batasuna arrest - IMF sees 'considerable' risk in weak Spanish cutbacks - All parliamentary groups commit to transparency as demanded by 15-M / PUBLICO PP position on austerity is full of holes - (Valencia:) Camps will be the only member of Government with connections to Gürtel Case - Unions protest and IMF demands more cuts / EL ECONOMISTA (Business/Finance) IMF asks Bank of Spain to intervene in entitites with problems - Greek 'yes' brings calm to the markets - Poorer: Spanish per capita GDP moves away from European average / EUROPA SUR Eight out of ten prisoners at Botafuegos await trial - Gemma Araujo ends congestion charge saga - Algeciras is one of larger towns in Andalucia with fewer green areas SPONSORED BY

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