Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS European banks extend Greek pay back limits - AVE in La Mancha dies of failure - China props up EU economy with new investments / ABC (Over photo of soldiers' funeral) "You are the bravest" - Bishops call to object to 'dignified death' law - 'Reversible' 120 kph stickers to cost another €230,000 / EL MUNDO  Zapatero pays for CiU votes by giving 8 hospitals to Catalonia - EU prepares 'Plan B' in case Greek Parliament rejects new rescue - Renfe closes ruinous Toledo-Albacete branch of AVE / PUBLICO (Basque separatist Arnaldo) Otegi is proud of his distance from ETA but does not condemn it - Artists and intellectuals ask for 'reconstruction of Left' - French banks accept reinvestment in Greece for 30 years / NEGOCIO (Business/Finance) Markets also devour Spain in Government's agony - Banks forecast less credit and more delinquency - Isolux Corsan negotiates entering US highway business / EUROPA SUR (Andalucia Ombudsman) Chamizo opens procedure on handicapped beating - Bishops object to 'dignified death' law - Jimena Myr wants Tesorillo separation during his term SPONSORED BY

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