Monday, 4 July 2011

Araujo is keen to meet with AENA on La Linea side of airport

The Gibraltar side
LA LÍNEA/GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle) Mayor of La Línea Gemma Araujo has declared the Ayuntamiento is keen to organise a meeting with the president of AENA, the Spanish state owned Airport Authority later this month. Araujo said she will also be revealing the terms for the sale of the land made by the previous mayor Alejandro Sanchez. “We will be formulating our own ideas to obtain profit for the sale of land which belongs to La Línea, but we have to do it reasonably and with our feet firmly planted on the ground,” she said, adding that the meeting with AENA is hugely important because “if the Gibraltar air terminal opens in October, we in La Línea cannot still be talking about the land issue.” She said that by complying with Spain’s Cordoba Agreement commitment, this would in turn create jobs, wealth and income for the Ayuntamiento which were vital for La Línea.

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