Wednesday, 27 July 2011

La Línea workers cut traffic to protest non-payment

(Photo: Paco Guerrero for Europa Sur)
LA LINEA (Agencies) The municipal workers of La Línea were back on the streets this morning to protest that they are still owed a series of payments and the list is getting longer. They gathered near the convention centre, marched towards the frontier and also to the Town Hall. Thay burned tires and held up traffic in the area for several minutes. According to union leader José Porras Naranjo, next Monday they will be owed their salaries for July, to which must be added those of May and June, the 'extraordinary' for the summer (it is usual in Spain for an annual salary to be divided into 14 payments: two 'extraordinary', summer and Christmas), two half salaries for 'work days' and what remains of the Christmas payment. "We are at the worst possible point in Town Hall debts to its workers," says Porras.

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