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San Pablo's 9th Workshops for Peace: read all about it

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JIMENA / San Pablo Let's start at the beginning. This year's edition of the San Pablo de Buceite Workshops for Peace -its 9th edition already- is taking place between July 21st and 30th, that is, it starts next Thursday. Anybody who has taken part or even an interest in the past will tell you that not only has the initial concept grown but it has got a lot better and more varied. The word 'workshop' sounds like a lot of work, and some of it is. But the basic idea is for people of different nations, cultures and backgrounds to come together for a series of artistic and/or cultural endeavours over a period of time that allows them to get to know each other at least a little. For the most part, the workshops are aimed at the young ... well, we'll be putting things up on this site and on JimenaPulse, referring to all that is going on (Look for the poster illustrating this item, on the sidebar). In the meantime, the full public programme is below in a somewhat peculiar translation by Google, on which we will be improving. The poster, by the way, is based on a graffiti mural workshop that was part of the previous edition, directed by Antonio Fernandez.
San Pablo de Buceite

Friday, July 22.
Casa de la Cultura Enrique Tierno Galván.
Starting at 20.30 h.

- D. Perales Raul Acedo. Dtor.Gral. Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud.
- Ms. Yolanda Peinado. Provincial Delegate of Culture.
- D. Guillermo Ruiz Ruiz. Mayor of the City Council of Jimena de la Fra.
- D. Beffa Andrés García. President of the Municipal District of St. Paul Buceite.

- Ms Paloma Fernández Goma, poet and writer, director and founder of the magazine "Two Shores" and director of the poetry contest "Encounters for Peace" from San Pablo de Buceite.
- Theatrical performances Ramón y Cajal School of Tangier.
- Musical performance of the Youth Orchestra of Tangier.
- Musical performance of students in Vocational School of Art, Las Tunas, Cuba.

Wednesday, July 27
Casa de la Cultura Enrique Tierno Galván.
From 20:30 pm
. Poetry Contest VI "MEETINGS FOR PEACE"
Awards ceremony and reading of the winning entry.
Awards and Screening of short films.

Thursday, July 28
Calle Real.
22:30 pm Performance by the Band of the workshop. Pasodobles selection.
Calle La Viña.
23:30 pm Presentation of the work of Theatre Workshop.
24:30 h. Musical performance by the Youth Orchestra of Tangier 01:00 pm Performance of the group "Atomic 4"

Friday, July 29
Calle La Viña.
22:30 pm Circus Parade Workshop.
23:00 h. Representation play "Where there are two fit Three," by FEGADI (Gaditana Federation of People with Physical and Organic).
24:00 pm Band Concert Workshop and Jazz Workshop.
01: 00 pm musical performance by students of the Vocational School of Art, Las Tunas, Cuba.

Saturday, July 30
Calle La Viña.
22.30 h. Parade Percussion Workshop students accompanied the group EARTH percussion.
23:00 h. Performance of students in the Craft Workshop.
23:15 h. Performance of students in the percussion workshop.
23:45 h. Performance of the Symphony Orchestra for Peace.
01: 15 pm. PERCUSSION EARTH group performance.
- Millennium Project 8:
Eduación Development. It consists of exhibition and activities aimed at disseminating the Millennium 8 goals. Public awareness is sought in a participatory manner in which the host population aware of the problems and difficulties of developing countries. It will take place at the Casa de la Cultura Enrique Tierno Galván, and day 23 ones up workshops , see news.

Andalusia Exhibition Solidarity with Haiti
This exhibition shows in six panels down how effectively coordinated to support the reconstruction and reflects a process of feedback, awareness, transparency and information to Andalusian society. You can visit the last three days of workshops in the classroom Muncipal health center on Calle La Viña.

Andalusí Market:
Coinciding with the last three days of workshops will be located on Royal Street Market IFECA Andalusí of the Diputación de Cádiz.

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