Friday, 1 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Zapatero gets Parliamentary backing to resist a few more months - Rabat tries hard to win Constitutional refendum - Contaminated fish, top secret / EL MUNDO Bildu in Guipuzcoa gives top jobs to Batasuna hardliners - Four ministers opposed to elecricity price increase - Congress votes for more protection for bank embargoes / ABC Rubalcaba "Me, Now" - Holidays start with electricity, gas and butane price rises - Almost half of Spanish children are overweight / PUBLICO Wave of social cutbacks in Europe - Rubalcaba "I know what I have to do and when" - Light, gas and butane more expensive from today thanks to tariff increases / EL ECONOMISTA Government delays pension payments by a week - Bankia and Civica pleased with private buy requests - Straight to the pocket: up go butane, gas and electricity / EUROPA SUR La Atunara beach closed by health authorities -  Los Barrios Mayor wants to close public (municipal) companies - Big business benefits increase by 33% SPONSORED BY

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