Monday, 4 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS IU bosses can't stop changes in Extremadura - Half the French back Strauss-Khan's return to politics - Judge releases Teddy Bautista, charged with three crimes - Fewer abortions and earlier / EL MUNDO Judge charges Teddy Bautista with crimes that could jail him for ten years - (Former Andalucia President, now Minister for the Regions Manuel) Chaves son's business received credit two days before asking for it - Cospedal: '(Political) Parties cannot continue to be agencies for employment of friends' / PUBLICO SGAE top echelon charged and passports removed - Greece stops (aid ship) 'Gernika' with bureaucracy - Nadal surrenders before Djokovic / EL ECONOMISTA (Business/Finance) SAGE received €6 million in grants for non-existent reports - Europe obliges Spanish banks to revise stress tests for third time - Autonomies will have €8,000 million more for Health in 2012 / EUROPA SUR Fire forces campsite evacuation - Tangier delays fill Llano Amarillo (pre- ferry embarcation parking) - One quarter of province's (Cadiz) employment is public

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