Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Number of unsold homes stalls at 700,000 - Blanco sees large public works in danger if there is no tax increase - Provisional manager takes over from Teddy Bautista at SGAE / ABC PP demands Rubalcaba resignation now - SGAE shields Teddy Bautista - France raises pensionable age to 41.5 years / EL MUNDO (Ministry of) Industry gave 3.6 millions to SGAE and its 'parasite' affiliate - Old PSOE 'wise men'look for new ideas for Rubalcaba - Spain trains Somali troops against pirates / PUBLICO New IMF head raises her salary by 11% - SGAE creates Management Committee but Bautista does not resign - (Aid) Flotilla activists lock themselves into Spanish Embassy in Athens / EUROPA SUR Junta demands unaccounted-for €655,000 from Los Barrios - San Roque restricts access to social media at Town Hall - First year ESO students will have digital books SPONSORED BY

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