Thursday, 7 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Europe hits out at risk agencies for attack on Portugal - (Spanish) Soldier jailed for leaking video on Afghan base - Murdoch espionage press rocks UK - Blanco backs a tax on trucks using highways / ABC San Fermin : Spain's fiesta - Rubalcaba jokes about unemployment: "My programme? Like the movies, coming soon," - European Commission charges against Moody's for doubts on Portugal / EL MUNDO Rubalcaba attacks banks and tolerates eviction mutinies - Neri created his 'parasite company' on SGAE computers - EU criticises risk agencies for picking on Portugal and Spain / PUBLICO  Europe turns on rating agencies (at last) - 17% of 2o ESO students will fail - Oliart's resignation from RTVE opens another front for Government / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) Industry urges Government to invest more to avoid a relapse - Facebook offers video calls to stop Google - Doubts spread by rating agencies impact markets / EUROPA SUR PSOE reduces political cost in La Linea by €530,000 - Algeciras Council threatens cemetery take back - POT (Territorial Plan) allows for 4,050 hotel rooms SPONSORED BY

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