Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Valencian Generalitat (Government) authorized 0% credit to CAM board - (Under photo of starving child) Somalia can no longer resist without water and food - Catalonia closes 25% of hospital beds until October / ABC Congress says goodbye to Zapatero - Autonomies in state of war - Constitutional Court backa mortgage and embargo execution / PUBLICO Rajoy launches autonomies' deficit against Government - Ramoncin: "The faith in (exPresident of SGAE) Teddy Bautista was almost blind" - (Madrid Mayor Alberto) Gallardon hires building at a third of its value for Pope visit / EL MUNDO (National Court President Javier Gomez) Bermudez manoeuvers to remove Rubalcaba from 'Faisan'case - CAM bought plots knowning developers would pay to have them requalified - Guardia Civil sargeant kills ex boyfriend at Madrid gym / EXPANSION (Business/Finance) CAM has shares in 65 real estate businesses - Deutsche Bank backs European ratings agency - Autonomy TV stations end worst semester ever / EUROPA SUR Pact to unblock Los Alamillos project - Andalucia cannot meet this year's deficit objective - Two organ donors in Algeciras enable 10 transplants
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