Friday, 29 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Ex Barca president Jose  Luis Nunez condemned to six years in prison - Bank of Spain orders CAM audit - If you drink soy, it would only be if you like it / ABC Duchess of Alba: "The sharing out of the inheritance is for everyone's security" - Several communities want to return competencies after finance fiasco - (Madrid) Metro studies raising single ticket by 50% / PUBLICO Challenge for Autonomy State - Six years' jail for the Nunez's - 15-M protests at ratings agencies and Bank of Spain / EL MUNDO Bermudez tries to save Rubalcaba from courts - Topless party and race with woman 'on board' are sexist, says (Ministry of) Equality - Police denounce 'spitting and insults' by ''indignant' / EL ECONOMISTA (Business/Finance) Large Spanish bank profits fall by almost 30% - Why is the rescue plan not convincing? - Madrid and Valencia follow Murcia: could return competences / EUROPA SUR (La Linea Mayor Gemma) Araujo announces job and salary cutbacks after summer - Traffic collapse at North entrance to Algeciras - Poll predicts comfortable absolute majority for PP in Andalucia

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