Thursday, 4 August 2011

Castellar castle feria coming up this weekend

CASTELLAR The village's traditional annual Velada del Divino Salvador, which celebrates the patron saint of the castle at Castellar, has been extended to three dayas: August 5, 6 and 7. The newly elected government has thanked the neighbourhood association at the castle for working hard at getting the feria going despite severe financial constraints. The result is 20 hours of different activities and events, the full programming of which we offer below. We must point out that this velada ('mini-feria') has no connection with the following weekend's Full Moon Flamenco Festival (more details later), except that both are in the castle grounds - and that is an excellent reason to be there.PROGRAMME

Friday, August 5
19.30 Kids games and events
22.30 Rock/Reggae from MAKENA

Saturday, August 6
22.30 Rock/Blues from MR. GROOVY AND THE BLUE HEAD
01.00 Progressive House with an Ibizan air by DJ Albert Blanco
-> A bus service has been set up from Castellar Nuevo (Plaza Andalucía) to the castle on the following schedule: UP 22.00 and 23.30 - DOWN 1.30 and 6am

Sunday, August 7
This has been called a chillout day, a chance to meet friends to relax, contemplate, reflect with in harmony: 'More an attitude than an activity', says the press release. But there will be something to watch in the evening on the main square at the castle, Plaza Divino Salvador: various short films and documentaries about the castle and its surroundings, its history, environment, nature, people ...
Check for details on Facebook: Castellar en Feria.

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