Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jimena is never too far away from the music, by Wendy Tong

Jimena music festival may be gone for now, but just 2 hours up the track by train you can find Antequera hosting a fantastic blues festival. In previous years this has been a week long event, now cash strapped like everywhere else the council has condensed it down to just the 2 nights (Jimena take note!) This is FREE and in a lovely setting up in the Plaza Santa Maria, overlooking the city and surrounding mountains. We went up on Friday night (€20 something return on the train) and stayed overnight at Hostería Colón, also great value and a nice place. The Blues Men opened, their gravel voiced singer blasting out some old favourites. The Lito Blues band were amazing, with brilliant guitar work and an excellent female vocalist. We reckon there were over a thousand people there. Well done to the bars in Jimena, El Anon, Oba and Henriettas and Cuenca for making sure the music has not entirely died here. Excellent performances at Oba and El Anon last night. (Note: The Antequera Blues Festival has been and gone, but another festival close by, at Alcalá de los Gazules -midway between Algeciras and Jerez de la Frontera- is coming up from 10 to 13 August inclusive. Here's more info:

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