Monday, 29 August 2011

Romanian gang arrested for various robberies

(Photo: Policía Nacional)
LA LINEA (Agencies) The Policía Nacional have arrested twelve members of a gang of Romanians that specialized in burglary of homes and industrial estates in the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz. Their main objectives were electronic equipment and jewelry, that were later sold on the black market or exported to Romania through a transport company. The gang was run by two men, known as Kukla and Plita, who chose the targets, planned the heists and coordinated the rest of them. The others carried out the actual burglaries and later transport. Things began to move towards the gang's arrest at the beginning of the year,>>>after the National Police  became aware of an international gang operating in the area.

Their modus operandi was very similar in all the cases: use of high-end vehicles, usually stolen, and balaclavas to avoid detection by CCTV cameras. They were also very security conscious and planned their operations in great secrecy and with enormous care. These are the reasons that it has taken some eight months to capture the gang, according to the Police.

Carewful investigation finally brought results. Homes in Estepona, Sabinillas and La Linea were registered simultaneously, during which not only were twelve people arrested, but also uncovered arms, stolen goods of all kinds and some of the cars used in the robberies.

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