Monday, 26 September 2011

The domino effect at local level

Empty market meat counter (
LA LÍNEA (Original source: Europa Sur) We hear about the domino effect of debt default all over Europe. We are warned continually of how close to the abyss our countries are; how we should prepare for the worst. But there is little on the news about the human side of these stories. Ask a municipal worker in La Línea about La Crisis and you're likely to get a barrage of complaints. No wonder: she or he probably haven't been paid for months, or are owed back pay for extra hours, etc., etc. But ask how the woman at the meat counter in the market -if she's still there, or the bread man, or the sweet kiosk, or the blind lottery seller on the corner, or the fishmonger delivering at the door ... they're ahead of the rest of us in the area and probably in Europe. Their tiny businesses are taking the brunt of municipal maladministration. The new Council is unable to come up with the loans that will get the payments up to date - and the workers can't find new jobs either because there aren't any or because they could/would lose their present jobs and the back pay they are rightfully claiming.

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