Sunday, 18 September 2011

Gourmet riding, or having a great time on horseback

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JIMENA / S.M. del Tesorillo We came across this from our Facebook friend Emma-Jane Lees. It is she who is in the photo that appeared in the Travel section of yesterday's Times (we tried to access it directly but had forgotten that Rupert Murdoch wants our money, and since we have none ...). The article is about a forthcoming ride that is rather tweely described in the organizer's website, Riding Andalucia, as Gallops for Gourmets (we prefer the Galloping Gourmets, except it's too close an old cokkery show) that sets out for a 7-day jaunt on October 15 from their base into the mountains that surround us, stopping at Cortijo El Nobo, just outside Gaucín, for meals prepared by none other than Chef Neil Armstrong. Sounds like enormously good fun, about which you can find out more from Ride Andalucia.

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