Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kids go back to school today, parents protest outside

Parents protesting this mornin
JIMENA Having caught the attention of local and regional media, the protest at N. S. de los Ángeles primary school, all children went back to class today. Parents, principally those whose kids are affected by the fact of two 'missing' teachers remained at the gates this morning in protest together with others who support their cause. There is also a petition going around the village, awaiting signatures, that will be presented to the Ombudsman for Andalucía, José Chamizo. The education authorities have warned the parents who kept their children away from their legally obligatory classes that they could be prosecuted. The spokesperson for the protesting group, Lola Pino, said this morning that the response from the education authorities had brought their "spirits down". The group is well aware that there are another seven schools in the same situation, but Pino insists that "each case, each school is different."

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