Saturday, 3 September 2011

New youth drinking and smoking law comes into effect

(Illustration only)
GIBRALTAR (Agencies) A tough new drinks and tobacco law came into effect on the Rock yesterday: anyone caught selling alcohol or tobacco to a youth could face heavy fines. A first offence will carry a fixed fine of £5000, rising to £10,000 and the possibility of losing the licence for a second offence. A third offence could mean a fine of £15,000 and permanent loss of the licence. Although the new law has some built-in flexibility and is not aimed at criminalising youngsters, the onus is firmly set on those who supply them with hard drink and tobacco. According to the Gibraltar Chronicle, the emphasis is now on bar and shop staff to properly check ID cards to check ages and limit the use of fakes. Licence holders will be held to account for both their actions and those of their employees. Although youngsters are barred from drinking spirits, older teenagers are allowed to drink other types of alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, cider and alcopops of strength 5.5% or less.

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