Sunday, 18 September 2011

Spanish workers furious over border chaos

GIBRALTAR We have taken the liberty of stealing the first two paragraphs from an article in Gibraltar Viewpoint, though we have reason to believe that the author of the article and owner of that blog, our old friend David Eade, will forgive us if we link to it sufficiently. So, the first two paragraphs read as follows: "There is a theory that if you have to make a complaint it is stronger coming from somebody within an organisation than an outsider. Hence with the current chaos at the Spanish border involving vehicles and motorbikes leaving the Rock a protest from Gibraltar will probably be met with a shrug of the shoulders from Zapatero or Trini, especially as the chief minister has just insinuated she is a liar. Conversely if the protests come from Spaniards, especially those largely living in the town of La Línea, then the government in Madrid is more likely to take note. After all a general election is fast approaching and PSOE needs every vote it can get." (Read the whole story on Gibraltar Viewpoint)

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