Saturday, 15 October 2011

'Farewell to Pepe' says David Eade

On David Eade's Gibraltar Viewpoint blog, he bids good-bye to a man who has been part of local political life for some thirty years. Although David starts his article, "The Spanish General Election will soon be upon us (November 20) and one familiar name will be missing from the hustings for the Senate in Cádiz province. José Carracao, Pepe to his many friends both side of the border, has decided he will not be running to retain his seat for the sixth time for PSOE. As the socialists seem set for a drubbing it may be a wise move but his political career does stretch back over three decades and he is now of retirement age – perhaps you could call him the Joe Bossano of PSOE." - we were saying that although the article starts like that, David is unable to finish it off without promoting his own fave candidate in the Gibraltar election, Fabian Picardo. (See the whole article here.)

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