Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gibraltar moved over 18,000 tons of rubbish to Los Barrios last year

Sur de Europa environmental complex
GIBRALTAR / SPAIN (Agencies) Los Barrios received 18,111 tons of rubbish last year, some 616 kilos for each of the Rock's 29,441 inhabitants - well above the European average that in 2008 was 524 per person, but takes into account that generated by tourism. Called 'municipal rubbish' by Government, it is the result of street collections being carried out six days a week by Gibraltar Industrial Cleaners, a private company, and transported to Europa Advance Road temporary collection point for later transport to the Sur de Europa station operated by the Mancomunidad de Municipios in Los Barrios. Municipal rubbish originates in households, schools and other education centres, hospitals and medical centres (excluding clinical material), shops, offices and hotels and other catering establishments. It also includes that generated by MoD housing and other facilities.

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